ShellStack is a collection of bash scripts to install apps on ubuntu linux


ShellStack is a set of shell scripts that I've been collecting and creating to ease the installation of applications.

At this time, my daily working environment is based on Ubuntu Linux, therefore all scripts should work on the latest LTS versions.


Although you can use ShellStack's files separately, it has some pre cooked recipes to expedite server setup. Currently there are basically three recipes:


You can just source file to source all the script files and call the functions inside the lib directory or you can also use one of the recipes listed above by issuing on terminal:

./install <recipe>


As a big Linode fan, and understanding that their StackScript platform is too simple to keep complex scripts on a form field I decided to organize things better with a git project with good file separation and keep a bare minimum of scripting inside the StackScript just to clone the git repository and fire installation. You can find the scripts here


Please feel free to fork and send pull requests with your contributions!


Paulo Fagiani


Linode StackScripts

Eric Bishop